The Sanctuary Project

Since 2017 Drew Taylor and I have been developing our thinking around the development of an LGBTQIA+ youth arts festival. This comes off the back of work we had been carrying out independently and decided to join forces to begin to form a fuller idea.

In 2019 we have been awarded Creative Scotland Open Project Funding to further research this idea.

A number of events and consultation points were held with young people and artists to chip away at creating something unique for Scotland’s LGBTQIA+ young people.

The Sanctuary Project is a research development project between Fraser MacLeod and Drew Taylor in partnership with Platform, Easterhouse. This Phase 2 R&D project is funded by Creative Scotland through the Open Project Funding.

We would like to thank Stephanie Hunter for her contribution to Phase 1. We are pleased to have Annabel Cooper join us as we develop our findings from this R&D phase to help bring Sanctuary to life.

This is Drew! He makes theatre!
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