Born Bad? Scottish Youth Theatre

Directing Credits include

A Present State, Chimera & Trajectories (Tron Studio, Tron Theatre)

SHIFT (as associate director – National Theatre of Scotland),

Blanche & Butch (as assistant director – Birds of Paradise),

International Performing Company – The Tin Forest (SYT/NTS),


Now’s the Hour (SYT/BBC),

Instant (SYT/Glasgay),
Tips – Development (Random Accomplice/Mary Gapinski/NTS 5 Minute Theatre),

The Glasgow Passion (Cutting Edge Theatre Productions),
It Wasn’t Me, It Was Goldilocks, Jack and the Magic Beans, The Princess and the Pea (SYT/Aberdeen Performing Arts),
The Happiness Formula, Collateral Damage, The Sky is Falling, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, You Can’t Catch Me, Born Bad?, The Court of Miracles, The Ugly Duckling (Scottish Youth Theatre)