Artist in Residence – Baillieston Ward

Creative Communities – Glasgow Life

Phase 1

Creative Communities – Baillieston Repeat Pattern Design by Lisa Dolson

In March – June 2019 I was the Artist in Residence for the Baillieston Ward in Glasgow. This ward takes in communities in Broomhouse, Baillieston, Swinton, Garrowhill, Queenslie/Wellhouse and Easthall. The Creative Communities project is run by Glasgow Life on behalf of Glasgow City Council.

Phase 1 saw over 800 individual experiences throughout the project, engaging with 6 schools and 6 community groups through 32 workshops and events.

In Phase 1 I engaged with local artists, parents and pupils in Bannerman High, Caledonia Primary, Newhills Secondary, St Bridget’s Primary, St Francis of Assisi Primary and Swinton Primary schools and groups that run in the Glenburn Centre, Baillieston Library, FUSE and Connect Community Trust in Wellhouse. Delivering a range of activities with the local artists we have begun to develop ideas and plans for a longer term Artist in Residence project for the Baillieston Ward.

A final event happened in June, at St John’s Episcopal Church, where an exhibition of photos by local photographer Isobel Addie and a new repeated pattern print made by artist Lisa Dolson, incorporating the images drawn by local primary schools pupils. Members of the community joined us to talk more about what Phase 2 could be.

For Phase 2 the communities proposed a longer term project that involved:

  • Community Photo Callout – inviting the community to share stories and photos capturing the history of the area and how their area has changed and developed
  • Community Events – bringing people together for shared experiences
  • Pop-Up activities – offering existing groups new opportunities and creating new groups to experience different art activities
  • Public Art – investigating the possibility of Wall Art being created by and for the community – bringing in and celebrating the history and ambition of the area

In Phase 2 it was hoped to engage even more of the community through schools and other networks to come together to be an active part of celebrating the Baillieston Ward.

Other local collaborators Chloe MacKinnon, Korie Wilson, Clare McGuire, Kerry Burley and Deborah Young were also integral to the success of the project.

For more information about the city wide project please see Glasgow Life’s official announcement by clicking here

Creative Communities: Artist in Residence. Photo: Isobel Addie